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George Castleden, Bard of Woburn

George Castleden (1804-1884) was a prolific letter-writer and poet from Woburn, in Bedfordshire. The son of the local Congregationalist preacher, he worked as a clerk in the Duke of Bedford’s offices at Woburn Abbey for twenty years. As well as many published poetical works, he also wrote extensively to the local papers. His subjects were […]

The Lost Streets of Wolverton

This book was written ten years ago and first published in 2010. The recent publication of Pure Republic, which covers some of the same ground, prompted me to revise the original book. Some material has been updated or corrected and there is some new information. Parts, which wherefore appropriate to Pure Republic, have been discarded. […]

A history of Wolverton and District

This is an ambitious project, many years in the making, undertaken by Wolverton-born historian, Bryan Dunleavy. Extensive archaeological activity over the past 70 years has revealed a great deal about the early settlement of the area. Wolverton and Hanslope became the centres of baronial power after 1066 and the development of Stony Stratford at the […]