The London and Birmingham Railway

It must have been a remarkable new experience in 1839 to travel at such phenomenal speeds as 30 miles per hour. When the London and Birmingham Railway was completed in 1838 travelling became a novelty and a number of side books appeared for the infomation of the travelling public. Bradshaw became the most famous, but there werena number of writers and publishers who joined this new band wagon

Thomas Roscoe was an established writer and his book describes a journey from Euston (the on the outskirts of London) through 100 miles of countryside. Most towns, with the ex caption of Coventry, close to the new line were small towns of no more than 3,000 and it was then a very different journey.

The book is illustrated with engravings of aspects of the lie that are not easy to recognise today.

The original publication of 1839 has been reset and is accompanied by a modern forward and notes to explain some references that would be obscure today.

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