Manor and Town

Manor and Town

A History of Wolverton and District Volume 1

Bryan Dunleavy

ISBN: 978-1-909054-46-2 (hardcover)

ISBN: 978-1-909054-53-0 (paperback)

In 1838 Wolverton became known as a railway town; however, there was a settlement prior to that with an interesting history. There were Roman villa farms, later Saxon settlements. After 1066 Wolverton became the centre of a barony and at the end of the 12th century the town of Stony Stratford was created on the border of Wolverton. Several figures who rose to national prominence were associated with the district, such as William d’Albini, who oppose King John, Elizabeth Woodville, who became Queen of England, and Sir Everard Digby, who was associated with the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. In the 18th century the Wolverton manor contributed to the development of some of Oxford University’s most famous institutions, such as the Radcliffe Camera and the Radcliffe Infirmary. In 1800 the Grand Junction Canal connected the district to London and the midlands.

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