If you have written a book or have a proposal for a book and would like Magic Flute Publishing consider publishing your book please read on.

Publishing Today

The good news is that people are still reading books, and in greater numbers. Thousands of new books get printed every day and millions each year. There is also a very large number of writers beavering away to meet this demand. As is the way of the world, a few writers capture the attention of many, while the majority are hardly noticed. Large publishing houses have built up their resources and expertise over many years and consequently command a large share of the market. They publish books that will make a lot of money and are rarely interested in new talent. They no longer read manuscripts or deal directly with authors and depend upon agents for doing that work for them.

Fair enough!

The march of technology has made book production easier. the term desk top publishing,on invented 30 years ago, is now an everyday reality, and the process of transforming a manuscript from your computer disk to an actual book is remarkably easy, and labour free.. You can print as many or as few books as are needed. That is liberating, because the costs of printing are no longer prohibitive.

The undeniably makes it possible for small, specialist publishers – people like us – to enter the game. Similar things are happening in music, art and filmaking. This give the author  some options.

The preference of most of us is to go for gold, to be snapped up by a big publisher, who will work to get the book sold in thousands and will organise films and TV rights. If your book has the potential to play in that league then the way forward is to find a good literary agent who will go to work for you. There really is no other way. Occasionally (very occasionally) a writer will self publish a book or try a small publisher to trial the market. Once proven, there is an incentive for a large publisher to come into play. Schott’s Miscellany found its way to success in this fashion.

Magic Flute Publishing

We are a small niche-market company that publishes books with limited market appeal. For the most part we publish local history, although we have published poetry and fiction. To date, we have published over 50 books. Through appropriate targeting of the potential readership each publication realises a modest profit. Over time some of them can do quite well. We are content with this.

How can we help?

If you have understood the above preamble and would like us to publish your book, please send us the manuscript in a digital format. A Word file or pdf file is sufficient at this stage. The manuscript will be read and we will offer an opinion. There is no charge for this.

There are about three options at this stage.

  1. Thank you for submitting the manuscript; however, this is not a book that fits our publishing criteria.
  2. Yes, we would like to publish your book but we ask that you agree to underwrite some of the costs of getting the book published. This means that we think your book is worthy of publication, but we believe that there is a limited market. We will offer a contract which will detail the costs of production and promotion, the author’s commitment and the sharing of potential profits.
  3. We are confident in the merit and marketability of the book and willundertake all aspects of publishing. We will offer a contract to the author which will detail royalty payments.
  4. Submitting your manuscript

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