One Throw of the Dice

Bryan Dunleavy

Richard of Conisborough was the son of a Spanish princess and nominally the second son of Edmund of York, one of the sons of Edward III. He appears to have been rejected by Edmund and struggled for recognition at court. Eventually, Henry V made him an earl, although no land or income was attached to the honour. Two years later he led a plot to overthrow the king. It failed. This is his story.

ISBN: 9781909054431

£7.99 176 pages 

The Woodville Chronicle

Bryan Dunleavy

Elizabeth Woodville astonished the world in 1464, when she was chosen by Edward IV as his queen. Her origins were not as obscure as they are often portrayed and this book describes the gradual rise of the family from the 12th century to its prominence in the 15th.

 ISBN: 9781909054417

£13.95 270 pages with colour illustrations

1415: The Plot

Bryan Dunleavy

just as Henry V was preparing to give the order to send his invading force to France, a plot to overthrow him was uncovered. The conspirators were quickly arrested, tried and executed and the delayed expedition went ahead. The Southampton plot was insignificant at the time, but the leader, Richard, earl of Cambridge, was the grandfather of two English kings, and the plot had some resonance after all.

 ISBN: 9781909054349

£11.99 182 pages with colour illustrations

North Bucks Bobbies

Roger Boulton

A County police force came late to Buckinghamshire. This book describes the history and personalities of those early “bobbies” in North Bucks in the 19th century.

ISBN: 9781909054448

£11.99 100 pages 

Walking Winchester

Bryan Dunleavy and Olena Thomas

The book describes 5 self-guided walks in Winchester and illustrates and describes the history of the surviving buildings.

ISBN: 9781909054240

£9.99 128 pages with colour illustrations