A Patch of Nettles

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054226

£7.99 212 pages

This is the first of Geoffrey Lloyd’s crime novels set in the fictional Dorset village of Yembury. This blackly comic novel includes two murders, a “peasant’s revolt’, the conviction of an innocent man, and a resolution by a tenacious young female detective.

An Everyday Sort of Man

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054271

£7.99 212 pages

The Yembury series continues with yet another murder in a sleepy Dorset village. New characters appear, alongside some familiar figures from the first novel. Once again, Joyce Agate, the young female detective, is left to puzzle out the crime.

Honey Still for Tea

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054073

£7.99 212 pages

In this third excursion into the not so genteel world of Yembury, we once more find dead bodies unaccountably turning up.

In a Naughty World

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054295

£7.99 212 pages

An abandoned baby is discovered in the woods just before Christmas. Coincidentally, another newborn infant is snatched from its pram. Neither case is easily solved and it is some time before the community returns to normalcy.

Good News from a Far Country

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 97819090542158

£7.99 214 pages

When the police investigate the embers of a bonfire they discover a charred body. It appears to be that of a local author who has used his unpublished manuscripts to fuel the flames. The case seems simple enough, but Joyce Agate, now an inspector, detects some loose ends. As the story unfolds more intrigue is exposed, leading to some involvement in the death of Princess Diana.

Good News from a Far Country

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054189

£7.99 180 pages

After running up against powerful forces in her last investigation, Joyce was persuaded to emigrate to Australia. She is married now and returns to England for a visit. Her curious husband takes up the investigation into the death of Princess Diana, with unexpected consequences.

Picking up the Crumbs

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054196

£7.99 186 pages

Former police inspector Joyce Agate returns to Yembury to settle with her you son. Yembury has not changed it seems and once more this tranquil rural haven is exposed to crime and murder!

Aa Algarve Trilogy

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054356

£9.99 332 pages

A commander in the Met at Scotland Yard takes a holiday in the Algarve and finds himself involved with some very dangerous characters. There are three novels, each separate, but contain some of the same characters throughout. Irish and Islamic terrorists also move through these pages. The three novels are: Likewise the Fool, Double and Quites, and But Once a Year.

Love and a Cottage

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054332

£7.99 212 pages

A failing marriage, an affair, some very dodgy characters and a couple who have set their hearts on buying a special cottage, interlace this crime novel set in Hampshire. All of these goings on are interrupted by an apparently motiveless murder.

The Judge at the Postern

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054325

£7.99 178 pages

In the 8th novel in the Yembury series, a retired judge decides to revisit and ‘solve’ some of the earlier Yembury crimes. Old wounds are opened and there is a new casualty.

Six Men Standing

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054219

£7.99 164 pages

An initiative by ramblers to open a new footpath exposes the grave of two skeletons. Foul play is apparent and even though the skeletons have been buried for 40 years, it transpires that the murderer is still alive and living in Cornwall, which is the setting for this novel.

Tales of And’ El Azar

G R Lloyd

ISBN: 9781909054042

£9.99 338 pages

A 17th century merchant adventurer finds himself in prison in the Middle East. While incarcerated he listens to the stories of Abd’ El Azar, who retails many fanciful stories from the East.

A book of stories for young readers.