1415: The Plot


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A plot to overthrow Henry V was betrayed on July 31st, 1415, just as the invasion of France was about to begin. The leader of the plot, Richard, Earl of Cambridge, and his co-conspirators, were tried, condemned and beheaded before the Southampton’s Bargate on August 2nd and August 5th. Richard’s head and body were buried in the Chapel of St Julien on Winkle Street and were last seen in 1861.

 Henry V was able to set sail for France on August 11th and the expedition culminated in the glorious victory at Agincourt on October 25th.

Through odd quirks of fortune two of Richard’s grandchildren became kings of England, as Edward IV and Richard III.

In this book Bryan Dunleavy describes the background to the plot, the assorted plotters and the convergence of people and events on Southampton in July and August 1415.

And there is a twist to the tale. Recent DNA evidence, coupled with historical information, suggests that Richard, Earl of Cambridge may not have been a Plantagenet after all!

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