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When the police investigate the embers of a bonfire on Clunch Hill they discover a charred body. It appears to be that of a local author who has immolated himself using all his unpublished manuscripts to fuel the flames. It appears to be a shocking suicide. Mysteriously, any legacy his son and daughters were expecting has vanished and his house has been sold. The author’s favourite grandson, an aspiring writer himself, receives a letter with instructions about what to do with his grandfather’s digital files. So equipped he heads for London to make his name. The police see this as a simple case and wish to close the file, but Joyce Agate, now an inspector, has some nagging doubts and pursues the matter in her own time. Intrigue now centres on the world of publishing as the manuscripts of the dead author become best sellers and a manuscript purporting to be a true account of the death of Princess Diana comes to light. Fatal accidents seem to follow this manuscript and Joyce Agate is faced with another challenging mystery. Geoffrey Lloyd once again skilfully interlaces character and plot in another novel which shows a less-than-tranquil side to Dorset life.


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