I Grew Up in Wolverton


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The small, the trivial, the large, the important – the memories come tumbling out in Facebook conversations as people recall their growing years in Wolverton. The memories range from the 1940s to the 1990s while people recall little bits of life in Wolverton. The result is a unique (and very readable) portrait of growing up in Wolverton. The tiny details make their way to the forefront in this unique account – the last film shown at the Empire, toasting crumpets with a pronged fork over a coal fire, school pranks, long-vanished shops, a childhood without video games or mobile phones, 45 rpm record singles, fishing in the canal, the works whistle – all combine to provide a colourful history of life in the town. In these pages are captured the smell of freshly-baked bread, the taste of sherbet, chilly winter nights and the release of spring warmth. Seasons are remembered, newt ponds at the allotments, milk tokens, sheet music, street parties, schools and school teachers, darts and dominoes.
There are approximately 250 voices in these pages, each with their own personality, and this shines through these conversations as the contributors sharpen their wit and engage in friendly banter. Surely a most entertaining way to discover some of the history of Wolverton.

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