Inns of Stony Stratford


A history of the inns of the roadside town of Stony Stratford from medieval times to the present.

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Stony Stratford was an important stopping place on the Watling Street and soon after its foundation at the end of the 12th century it became an attractive resting place for royal entourages. The town was the scene of some famous events in English history and from the 18th century to the arrival of the railways in 1838 was one of the premier coaching towns in England.
The inn was at the centre of this trade and the town could always boast a good number and variety. At any one time there were 25 to 30 inns and alehouses in Stony Stratford.
This book describes the history of these inns and alehouses, which later became hotels and public houses. Every known documentary source has been investigated and the authors have been able to clear up some unanswered questions about earlier establishments.
A second section includes a compendium of all recorded licensed houses from medieval times to the present day. For good measure licensed houses in Old Stratford, Calverton, Wolverton and the Bradwells are included.

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