Manor and Town: A History of Wolverton I

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Volume 1 of a projected 3 volume history of Wolverton and district. This covers the period from pre-history to 1838.

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Wolverton and its neighbouring parishes have a surprisingly rich history, and these volumes try to tell that story from the earliest known settlements to the district’s present configuration as part of, or on the fringes of, Milton Keynes. The district under consideration is Wolverton and its neighbouring parishes in North Bucks and those in Northamptonshire, north of the River Ouse. They have a shared history. This first volume covers almost 2,000 years, from early settlement to 1838, when the arrival of the London and Birmingham Railway transformed the district. Volume II will describe the period from 1838 to the outbreak of war in 1914. Volume III will detail the years between 1914 and 1945.

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